Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, we made some more wedding progress this weekend. On Saturday morning we had a meeting with our possible photographers at Starbuckles! They are a wonderful husband and wife team who are awesome and we would be honored to have them as our photographers! Bobby and I really clicked with them and felt like they get what style of photo's we like and truly feel like they would fit in with our "crowd".

Check them out at

Anyways, we have been toying with the idea of doing an engagement session but not sure yet if we want to spend the money on that or put that money towards something else! We are thinking Maui by the way for our honeymoon, so every little dime we can drop into the "honeymoon" piggie bank the better!

I also went to Crate & Barrel on Saturday too with one of my bridesmaid's, Lisa--who actually ended up giving birth to her first child the very next day! So I have a number of things on the registry and have not even showed Bobby yet...oh well :) Bobby said he had had enough wedding stuff for the day so that's how I ended up dragging Lisa along!

Oh yeah--here is the "rock" for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

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