Thursday, February 26, 2009

7 months from today and I'll be Mrs. Megan Steiner!

Can you believe it! 7 months from today, this very hour I'll be with my girls getting ready to become a married lady! Ah--can't wait! :) Still we are 7 months away and have much to do! This weekend Bobby and I will be traveling to Asheville with my mom and step dad to take care of some wedding details. Friday night when we get there we'll be going to Nona Mia's an Italian restaurant who also handles catering. We will test out the grub and see if we like the food well enough to have them cater our event--the restaurant got great reviews so should be delish! Then on Saturday it will be a busy day, first stop-- Asheville Rent-All, this is where we will be viewing tables, chairs, and linens for the reception. Then off to Icing on the Cake--our cake lady to select our flavors and design. After that we have a 2:30 tasting with Colorful Palate catering and then at 5pm ANOTHER tasting with 28806 Catering--man are we going to be full!

We are staying in a wonderful B & B in Asheville called A Hill House. We like it there because they have a very special innkeeper, Bailey (the golden retriever) who is just the sweetest thing--what can we say we're HUGE dog lovers, and this place feels like home!

Then Sunday we are meeting with another photographer then off to the Pinebrook Manor to finalize a few more details like where we want the tent for the reception and where we want to actually "get married"--in the front yard or in the rose garden? THEN finally back to Charlotte Sunday afternoon. I mean, I'm looking for a nice get away weekend with my huns but this is going to be action packed people!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Here comes the bride....

So yeah, I missed a week of posting because I came down with some head cold, coughing, ridiculousness last week and didn't feel up to doing much, so sorry about that. But I'm back and I've certainly made some wedding progress. Last week I sent out for the printing of my "save the date" cards so they should be arriving sometime this week. I am so excited about them, they look fabulous. I have to give kudos to Christie for the design, she is just so talented! I have also finished up my wedding news letter. The news letter consists of all sorts of info on our wedding and details on Hendersonville, NC where the joyous day will be taking place. I snagged this news letter idea from my friend Molly. I think once you all see it you'll find it very helpful.

Other more exciting news is I found my wedding dress!!!!! Yes, mom and I went shopping on Saturday and what a great experience. We first started out at Poffi Girls. and then we went over to Mecklenburg Bridal. I am not even going to list their website becuase I was not impressed! The service and help I received from Poffi Girls was unbelieveable! Anyways, I was down to two dresses, one by designer Anjolique and the other by Paloma Blanca. After about 10 minutes in each dress the winner was the Paloma Blanca dress! This dress captures, romace, old Hollywood, and elegance all in one. I am thrilled about this dress!
Here is the designers website but I'm not giving any hints as to which dress I went with....ya'll will just have to be surprised!

February 28th Bobby, my mom, my step dad and I will be headed to Asheville/Hendersonville for the weekend to finalize our cake decision, check out another photographer, try out a caterer or two, and most importantly go to the rent-all place for the tent, tables, linens, and chairs. That weekend will be jam packed!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well, we made some more wedding progress this weekend. On Saturday morning we had a meeting with our possible photographers at Starbuckles! They are a wonderful husband and wife team who are awesome and we would be honored to have them as our photographers! Bobby and I really clicked with them and felt like they get what style of photo's we like and truly feel like they would fit in with our "crowd".

Check them out at

Anyways, we have been toying with the idea of doing an engagement session but not sure yet if we want to spend the money on that or put that money towards something else! We are thinking Maui by the way for our honeymoon, so every little dime we can drop into the "honeymoon" piggie bank the better!

I also went to Crate & Barrel on Saturday too with one of my bridesmaid's, Lisa--who actually ended up giving birth to her first child the very next day! So I have a number of things on the registry and have not even showed Bobby yet...oh well :) Bobby said he had had enough wedding stuff for the day so that's how I ended up dragging Lisa along!

Oh yeah--here is the "rock" for anyone who hasn't seen it yet

Friday, January 30, 2009

First official exciting!

Wow...I NEVER thought I would want to "blog" in a million years! But why not, right?! Well ,I thought with the wedding being only 8 months away (Ekk!) why not keep everyone informed on how things are going! With friend and family spread out up and down the eastern seaboard this is a great alternative to mass emailing! I hope to keep you all updated weekly...not a promise but I hope to stay current!

Anyways...quick up date on the Gaillardet / Steiner wedding! We have set a date! September 26th 2009 in Hendersonville, NC! My dear friend Christie has been helping me put together the "save the date" cards and I am really trying to put together a news letter to mail along with it. I snagged the news letter idea from Molly who is getting married in May so she has been a huge help as well as Christie who is a newlywed herself. I think I am set on a black and white wedding with our accent flowers / colors being pastel pink. I am envisioning pinks, purples, white, and a splash of green for the flowers and center pieces. So much to think about!! Bobby is set on me not having a "Sweet Briar" wedding with the pinks and greens so I'm trying to be very subtle about the colors. He'll never know what hit him the day of the wedding..hehe!

Mom and I went to the Bridal Showcase at the Charlotte Convention Center last Sunday and boy was it a loooong day! Tons of vendors, cakes to taste, photographers to chat with, and dresses to look at. Speaking of dresses..I need to get on that!

Toodles for now...