Friday, January 30, 2009

First official exciting!

Wow...I NEVER thought I would want to "blog" in a million years! But why not, right?! Well ,I thought with the wedding being only 8 months away (Ekk!) why not keep everyone informed on how things are going! With friend and family spread out up and down the eastern seaboard this is a great alternative to mass emailing! I hope to keep you all updated weekly...not a promise but I hope to stay current!

Anyways...quick up date on the Gaillardet / Steiner wedding! We have set a date! September 26th 2009 in Hendersonville, NC! My dear friend Christie has been helping me put together the "save the date" cards and I am really trying to put together a news letter to mail along with it. I snagged the news letter idea from Molly who is getting married in May so she has been a huge help as well as Christie who is a newlywed herself. I think I am set on a black and white wedding with our accent flowers / colors being pastel pink. I am envisioning pinks, purples, white, and a splash of green for the flowers and center pieces. So much to think about!! Bobby is set on me not having a "Sweet Briar" wedding with the pinks and greens so I'm trying to be very subtle about the colors. He'll never know what hit him the day of the wedding..hehe!

Mom and I went to the Bridal Showcase at the Charlotte Convention Center last Sunday and boy was it a loooong day! Tons of vendors, cakes to taste, photographers to chat with, and dresses to look at. Speaking of dresses..I need to get on that!

Toodles for now...

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  1. yipee! so glad you have a blog to keep us updated on wedding stuff!!! i love the blog! woohoo!